Wildflower Field Engagement | Danielle + Jordan



On April 28th, Danielle became my sister. I married her youngest brother, Asa. On the day Asa and I came back from our honeymoon, Jordan asked her one of the most important questions a man in love could ever ask the woman he adores. Immediately, my head and my heart was brainstorming ideas for their engagement portraits. Danielle knew she wanted a beautiful car in the session, and I had been keeping my eye on this wildflower field. So I asked a friend of mine to help me get permission to use their neighbor’s land.

Long story short, everything fell into place. Literally EVERYTHING. The weather was amazing. Light breeze, no bugs, no snakes or surprises, I didn’t fall off of my apple box that I enjoy standing on, the light and the sun was perfect…. Everything was perfect. This session was a blast to photograph. We danced in the fields listening to music, picking wildflowers, enjoying the evening together, and just took our time getting the shots we wanted.

I love my sister and very soon to be brother. Jordan is a wonderful man and I adore the way he loves Danielle.

So to make this experience even more fun, I asked them to fill out a questionnaire for me individually. To not share each other’s answers, and to wait to read each other’s response when this blog goes live.

Needless to say, I will probably be doing this again with any couples that are on board with the questionnaire. I loved reading their responses!


Katie: How did you meet?

Jordan: We met at work, I saw her sitting alone in the break room and took the opportunity to introduce myself.

Danielle: We met at work. He sat at my table in the break room.


K: What did you first think of your partner?

J: Speechless; she was dressed as Storm from X-Men and I was immediately drawn to her.

D: I just knew he had a thing for me right off of the bat because he would always stare at me. I thought he was forward and was just trying to hit on me when he talked to me. I was not interested.


K: How did you start dating?

J: Took me six months of “woo-ing” but she finally agreed to date me and we went to dinner and a movie.

D: He kept trying to talk to me and throw himself in my conversations with friends for about 6 months. Eventually I got to know him and see his kind heart. There was something that made him different. He took me to dinner Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at O’Charley’s because he wanted to talk to me about something. We walked outside and were talking by my car. I was getting ready to leave when he asked me if I like him and I asked him if he meant as friends or something more. He looked upset and said that he hoped it was more than friends because he couldn’t just be my friend. I told him I liked him more then he said he was glad we were on the same page and that it meant we were now dating. I liked his forwardness. Most guys that liked me were never that bold and so it was refreshing for a guy to just put how he felt out there.


K: How did you know that your partner was the right one for you?

J: God had answered my half sarcastic prayers to him about the type of woman I would have to meet if I ever wanted to be happily married, and that was Danielle. Seriously, I didn’t think I would ever meet somebody who could live up to my standards.

D: I haven’t met anyone like him and felt at peace with him. Whenever we had little arguments or whatever, I would have a peace that it wouldn’t end our relationship. It is hard to really explain. I have known many great guys that were my friends and all throughout the years through FCA, church and school. They were great guys, but there was a certain honesty that Jordan carries that none of them carried and a tender heart that I haven’t seen before. Jordan is a one of a kind and he loves me very deeply. Also, what is funny is that I made a list of qualities I wanted in a guy and Jordan is those things. He is awesome and we both know that we are the person that we prayed God would bring us one day. God led our steps to meet.


K: Tell me three things you love about your partner.

J: How she looks at me and smiles, her family, and her outgoing personality.

D: Well, I love Jordan’s laugh when I do something ridiculous that he finds funny. I love how sweet he is and genuinely cares about my well being. Last but not least I love it when he prays or talks about what God is doing in his life. I have seen God do so much in Jordan over the past two years and it is awesome!


K: What are some of your partner’s quirks? What are things about your partner that drives you a little crazy — things that only you could love.

J: The way she gulps every sip of whatever she’s drinking haha

D: When we go somewhere he has been many times, sometimes he for some reason chooses to take the long way there when we are in a rush. When we are not rushing he takes the quick way. He doesn’t walk around without wearing something on his feet. He is a floor/ground germaphobe. He is a funny character.


K: How did the proposal happen?

J: She planned a major birthday party for me as I was turning 30, she literally invited everybody from my family and hers, and I proposed in front of everybody right after they brought out the cake and sang happy birthday to me.

D: I had planned a big 30th birthday party with our families and a few close friends. He planned on doing it then since we would be around family. He thought it would be the perfect moment and it was. I am a huge family person and really loved how he had them all be a part of it.

Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto
Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto

K: Name three memorable experiences you’ve been through together as a couple.

J: We have so many already…One would be the kickoff party the company we used to work for had thrown in Atlanta. She looked absolutely stunning and was the best looking person there. Another would be the family reunion I attended with her family in Oklahoma. The third would be the first FCA trip we took together to Myrtle Beach.

D: 1. I would say one was when we went to Florida and had an awesome trip. The food was great and we quickly found out that I am a terrible scooter driver. I looked like Donald duck trying to ride a scooter with my feet all over the place and swerving. 2. When I told him I loved him for the first time. He grabbed me and just hugged me for a long time. He already had said he loved me and I waited to tell him on his Birthday. He is the best! 3. When Jordan took me to the Biltmore for my Christmas present. He knew I really wanted to go. We drove up there and I felt like a princess. We had good food, laughed a lot, chilled out and just enjoyed each others company. It was a wonderful memory I will never forget.

Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto
Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto

K: How would you describe the dynamic of your relationship? How would others describe it?
J: She is extremely extroverted and outgoing, while I’m somewhat introverted and laid back. We’re almost complete opposites but we balance each other out.
D: I would say we are that solid and goofy couple. We are very opposite, but good opposites. I think that because of those differences, we help each other grow in areas that we were weak in before. We have a genuine love for each other and life. God has helped us grow and I see God do things in us all of the time. I enjoy every moment with him whether it be an argument or just laughing and having fun.

Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto

K: What values are important to you as a couple?

J: God, family, and looking after each other.

D: God is important and we know that He is the one that brought us together and will help us on this journey we are about to go on. Fun and laughter are important too. Those things help us in the hard times and make our regular days even better.

Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto

K: When you are looking back at these portraits in twenty years, what would you want to remember about your life right now?

J: The excitement we have about our future and the wedding planning.

D: I would want to remember the easy going love that we have right now and the feeling of freedom that we feel. The random date nights and conversations that brought us together and the sweet little moments like just dancing in the car, being silly to make each other laugh, the times of having sushi on stands and watching a movie. Those are the things I want to remember. I don’t want to get so caught up in everything going on that I lose sight of the sweet little moments that make you feel like a kid in love.

Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto

K: Where do you see yourselves in five years? What are you most looking forward to in your future as a couple?

J: In five years I see us with our own house and a few kids. Oh and a dog (or two or three)

D: I see us with a few kids, a house, still doing ministry stuff, maybe having a few businesses, and enjoying life as a family! “What are you most looking forward to in your future as a couple?” A family and the adventure that awaits us. I am ready to continually grow with Jordan on this journey and see where God leads us as a family.

Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto
Danielle and Jordan Engagement | ©2018KatieWeeksPhoto