My name is Katie

I am an Atlanta based Freelance Photographer. I specialize in Commercial and Portrait Photography. I am also a full time photographer for Mileshko – a Creative Production Company.

I have a wonderful husband, a dog, a cat, and lots of plants. I love to garden and grow my own spicy peppers(the hotter the better). I grew up in a bluegrass gospel band, and still play music on the road from time to time. I used to run a Photography studio in Woodstock, Ga – but I travel a lot more now for clients and all of my shoots are done on-site. I enjoy the versatility that comes with new spaces and locations, but always have the option to set up a studio on-site if needed.

Many people tell me “Oh I love this space, but I just don’t know if the lighting is great.” Not a problem at all! One of my favorite things about what I do is being able to create light on-set and make a location pop for my clients. Sometimes off camera flash is perfect, and sometimes a fill card is better. It really just depends on the project and what is needing to be said visually. Lighting is a tool, and knowing how to use it – is my favorite part of photography.

I am very passionate about humanity and authenticity. I value honest and open conversation. I want to get to know you for you, because what ever that special thing that makes you who you are, sets you apart and I think that is incredible.

I am for the person who values emotion over perfection. I love creating memorable moments with my clients and also helping businesses create vital visuals to market for their ideal clients.

Capturing people’s stories and experiences are incredibly important to me, so I would love the opportunity to help you with your photography needs.

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